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Where function complements design in effective visual communication

The John J. Marsh Signature Series of visual communication components from Marsh Industries, Inc. resolves the legendary conflict between high profile executive office designs vs. the need for tools to enhance effective meeting communications.

Marker boards, bulletin boards, directories, tack boards and other critical communications components in the John J. Marsh Signature Series are individually crafted to complement room designs, creating a monolithic presentation blending with fine furniture and cabinetry.

Dramatically extending the Marsh legend for exceptional quality, workmanship and functionality, the John J. Marsh Signature Series represents the abiding belief of one of our founders, whose signature appears on every unit shipped. It is a belief that every individual customer, every individual order and every individual unit is critical to our efforts to set Marsh brand products apart and above all others.

Craftsmanship equal to the challenge of fine furniture and cabinetry

John J. Marsh Signature Series products represent yet another extension of the legendary American craftsmanship apparent in every Marsh product.

These units meet or exceed the standards of the demanding architectural and design community, entrusted with creating some of world’s foremost meeting spaces integrating components with furniture quality finishes.

All products are manufactured and assembled in our dedicated 110,000 square-foot manufacturing facility, located in Ohio’s heartland and populated by skilled craftsmen using top grade raw materials and our proprietary trimming and finishing processes. Not only are these products uniquely stylish, each one is engineered for years of functional use.

The only collection designed to carry the John J. Marsh signature

This category of visual communications materials reflects the corporate ideals of John J. Marsh, who with four Marsh siblings formed the Marsh Lumber Company in 1914 that evolved into the Marsh legend for fine, innovative wood products. Although Mr. Marsh passed away in 1996 at the age of 99, his life-long commitment to producing quality building materials and components for various building industry markets continues today in many thriving businesses including Marsh Industries, Inc. A man of good humor, responsible civic leadership, family loyalty and remarkable humility, Mr. Marsh took personal pride in every product manufactured for every order. He believed in continually searching for new and better ways to craft greater quality and durability into Marsh products, and to finding ways to better accommodate the needs of customers.

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